War on Children

Democrats and the Left, and their War on Children

From inside the womb they try to kill them. In kindergarten and early grades they try to sexually groom them and pervert their minds, In high school they tell them to have abortions and gender mutilating surgery and keep it secret from their parents. They also teach them race hatred through CRT which is hidden inside of all subjects of study. Finally, as young adults in colleges they brainwash them into socialism and anti-Americanism.

From the womb to adulthood, the War on Children waged by the Democrats and the woke Left is complete, it is evil, and it is destroying the very fabric of this nation. Some parents are having some victories against corrupt woke school boards, some new groups like Moms for Liberty are having some impact, and a few states governors such as Ron DeSantis of Florida are passing laws to push back against the groomers. On the abortion front, despite the great news regarding the recent Supreme Court reversal, the murder of innocent human beings still goes on at the state level. The Left is having far too much success for good Americans to tolerate.

Who remembers back in the 1980's when homosexuals being teachers was actually an issue that many people disagreed with? The 1980's are now 40 years behind us, a Biblical generation. In that generation we have gone from Ronald Reagan and the Pope destroying communism and bringing Liberty to Europe, to now a Democrat Party which is Marxist in nature and has absolutely no morals and ethics at all promoting every sort of evil and filth there is. The acronym "LBGTQ" did not even exist in the 80's, and the word "homophobia" had not been invented yet. In the 1980s when homosexuals wanted to be teachers there was an ironclad promise that they were making over and over: They promised that they would not bring their lifestyle or their sexuality into the classroom at all. They were there to teach, not exposed children to sexual issues without their parents knowledge or consent. Well, one generation later, that promise has gone totally out the window, and now Democrats and the Left are actually defending these groomers exposing your children to immoral evils without your consent and without your knowledge. That is usually what happens when leftists and liberals make a promise, it is almost always guaranteed to be broken.

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But the Democrats' War on Children doesn't stop at simply sexualizing small children or aborting them in the womb. Democrats and the Left are also teaching children pure racism and race hatred. That is what CRT is all about. Lying mouthpieces on the Left claim that CRT is about teaching history, and if you are against CRT then you are against history. that is a lie. Democrat mouthpieces also try to say that CRT is not actually being taught in schools. That is another lie. While it may be "technically" true that the college level CRT courses are not specifically taught in public schools, the concepts, the information and the agenda that is in CRT is being inserted into public school subjects of every kind, even math if you can believe that. Yes, the Left has actually made math racist. Democrat run schools have destroyed history as well. And why are they teaching children hatred? Well that is a another subject for another article, but it suffices to say that the Democrat Party has always relied on fear and race-hatred to maintain power. That is why they call everything and everybody on the Right "racist." Movements like BLEXIT and LEXIT it and WalkAway scare the hell out of Democrats and so they fight back by scaring minority voters into thinking that Republicans are racists. Intimidation and fear has always been the Democrat way, from the days of slavery when they invented the KKK, up through the years of Jim Crow, up through the years of segregation when they used to turn water cannons and dogs on black people, and up through today where when they use the media to scare minorities into thinking that Republicans are racist. It is actually the Democrats who are the racists.

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The Left needs unstable children to use as tools to advance their extremist agenda. Parents, remember this: According to Democrats and school boards, all of this is none of your business. Your family's religious and moral beliefs that you try to pass on to your children, you better just keep those to yourselves. If you try to say that any of this Grooming and CRT is bad, the Democrats have a little surprise for you: They have politicized and weaponized the Department of Justice and the FBI and they will come after you, the same way the Gestapo came after parents who did not like what the Hitler Youth was teaching their children. This nation is on the precipice of destruction. The Democrats' War on Children has been waged in public schools for decades, and for the most part without the knowledge of any parent or anyone else. For years these disgusting groomers and degenerates have been hired by the school boards that you have been electing and it has been happening without your knowledge. We now have a generation of young people who have been totally propagandized and brainwashed. It is up to the American people to put a stop to it because politicians are too corrupt to stop it. What can you do? You can get to your school board, get yourself elected in local politics, and become an influencer in your District. Another option is to homeschool your children or send them to a charter school or religious school. Either way, one thing that nobody can ever do again is to vote for a Democrat. As long as the Democrats have any power at all they will allow this War on children to continue until our nation has finally Fallen. Everyone has been warned.

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