Judge Merchan's Volksgerichtshof

A Travesty of Justice

The People's Court (Volksgerichtshof) was a special court in Nazi Germany, created to have trials outside of the normal constitutional laws. Believe it or not, Nazis were concerned about obeying their laws, so this court was needed to convict political opponents.

The court was created in 1934 by Adolf Hitler because he was not happy with the outcome of the Reichstag fire trial. Almost all of the defendants were acquitted in that trial. and Hitler wanted them dead. The new "special" court had handled "political" trials among other things. One hallmark of the special court is that the court almost always sided with the prosecution. Being brought before the court guaranteed a guilty verdict. The People's Court ignored the basic laws of regular German trials.

Let us fast-forward to two days ago. Twelve New Yorkers found former President Donald Trump guilty on 34 counts in the "hush money" trial in Manhattan. The jury sided with prosecutors and followed the judge's unconstitutional instructions. Sound familiar?

Manhattan Judge Juan Merchan "lined his bird cage" with the U.S. Constitution said Jonna Spilbor, an attorney, to Newsmax on Thursday.

"Now, he also then told the jury, you don't have to be unanimous when you figure out what that crime is. Two of you can decide. It was campaign finance, two of you can decide it was some sort of state election law violation" Spilbor said on Newsmax's "Wake Up America."

This means Merchan's jury instructions "gutted the burden of proof by giving the option to decide, not unanimously, which ones to bring," she added. "Judge Juan Merchan created his own rule, and that's what the jury has to sit with until they're done."

Fascism rears its head once again.

Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire states that this is, "a historic breach of all historical norms, in a move that puts the Republic on the precipice of serious constitutional disorder, chaos, and disaster." "The legal case is an atrocity. It’s a ridiculous case — a political put-up job by Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg, who came into office pledging to 'get' Trump."

Shapiro continues: "This was a put-up job by the Biden administration, who has been attempting to brand Trump a criminal and a felon since the day they got into office. Not to mention the Democratic Party, which has been attempting to label him everything from a Putin Cat’s Paw to a traitor to the country since 2015."

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. defended former President Donald Trump on Thursday. RFK Jr. said that the party’s entire plan to stop Trump was to beat him with the criminal prosecutions initiated by Democrat prosecutors. "The Democratic Party’s strategy is to beat President Trump in the courtroom rather than the ballot box," he posted on X. "This will backfire in November. Even worse, it is profoundly undemocratic. America deserves a President who can win at the ballot box without compromising our government's separation of powers or weaponizing the courts."

"The country is disgraced," wrote conservative talk show host Megyn Kelly. "Alvin Bragg should be disbarred. They will rue the day they unleashed this lawfare to corrupt a presidential election."

George Washington Law Professor Jonathan Turley also shared his thoughts on the verdict on X: "I obviously disagree with this verdict as do many others," Turley wrote. "I believe that the case will be reversed eventually either in the state or federal systems. However, this was the worst expectation for a trial in Manhattan. I am saddened by the result more for the New York legal system than the former president. I had hoped that the jurors might redeem the integrity of a system that has been used for political purposes."

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said it was "a sad day for America." "How long can our Republic survive once partisans have taken over the judicial process?" Paul wrote on X. "This verdict will tragically undermine Americans’ confidence in impartial justice."

Democrats keep fear-mongering, saying that electing Trump will be the end of democracy. It is the Democrats who continue to ignore the rule of law and the Constitution. Ben Shapiro points out on X that Biden has:

- Activated party apparatchiks in NY to convict Trump on spurious charges, thus leading to the possible jailing of his chief political rival
- Activated his DOJ to target Trump in 3 separate jurisdictions while avoiding criminal culpability for himself and his son
- Tried to use OSHA to force 80 million Americans to take the vaxx
- Defied the Supreme Court by illegally waiving student loan debt
- Falsely claimed that any election he uses will have been decided by racist Republican voter suppression
- Attacked the Supreme Court directly
- Used governmental agencies to threaten social media companies
- Attacked states for attempting to enforce border law...
The list continues. That's just the short version. (End quote)

My fellow Americans, this is why we must elect Donald J. Trump as president in 2024, and more than that, we must reduce the Democratic Party to a meaningless, powerless, lifeless entity. Considering the Democrats' crimes against humanity, from slavery to late birth abortion to today's child genital mutilations performed in the name of Transgenderism, and now this despicable violation of basic rights to steal another election, I believe they must be declared illegal and their assets should be distributed as reparations to the various parties they have injured.

In 1985, the West German Bundestag declared the People's Court to be an instrument of judicial murder. In 2025 the United States of America must declare the Democrat party to be a criminal organization, guilty of crimes against humanity, guilty of election fraud and interference, and a violator of basic civil rights, and disbanded. It is time for patriots to rise up. You have a rendevous with destiny, and the time has finally arrived.

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