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This page has a very simple purpose: To provide Real News Links to real news sources and filter out fake news. Great American Real News Links has the best most honest news sources together in one hub, and it also has our latest videos and social media content. Terry O'Brien is a lifelong conservative who is very worried that America is on the brink of becoming a socialist state and that future generations will not know the Liberty that we grew up with. This site is new and it is going to grow, so please join us as it grows, make content suggestions, and share with friends.

UPDATE: We endorse the Patriot Action discussion forum as a forum to discuss issues of the day, and exhange ideas on how to advance the agenda that America was founded on: Liberty, Freedom, and Limited Government. When you click the forum link in the menu it will take you there. Be sure to bookmark this site before you go.

Great American Briefs:

Real Rights, Fake Rights, Human Rights:: You hear a lot of talk about "rights", and often it is ignorant talk and plain propaganda. What are real rights? What are fake rights? Where do rights come from? According to the United States Declaration of Independence, peoples' rights come from "their Creator" and they are self-evident. Click here to continue

The Democrats' Marxist Agenda:: Have you ever wondered how it is possible for Democrats and Leftists to push the most insane policies? Why do you see communist flags at climate change events? Why do you see communist flags flying with Antifa and BLM mobs, flying at abortion events, and at other Leftist riots? Isn't it strange? Where is the connection? Click here to continue

VIDEO: Here are my Independence Day musings, which are actually good for every day of the year: Why American is an exceptional nation. From a dark world ruled by Czars and Kings and emporers came enlightened men who knew that our rights come from our Creator, not from government, and who decided that We the People should decide how we are governed and who we are governed by.

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