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This page has a very simple purpose: It has the best most honest news sources together in one hub, and it also has my latest videos and social content. I am a lifelong conservative who is very worried that America is on the brink of becoming a socialist state and that future generations will not know the Liberty I grew up with. This site is new and it is going to grow, so please join me as it grows, read the content, make suggestions, and share with friends. God bless you all.

Why isn't Youtube listed on the left side of this page with my other social media links? It is because the fascists who run Youtube banned me just as they banned President Trump and many conservative voices. Bitchute and Rumble are the video sites we use because they believe in the American tradition of free speech. And speaking of speech, please visit the new Discussion Forum. Sign up and post topics that are important to you. Below is my recent video removed by Youtube, "I tand With Trump." Check it out, along with my three other dangerous deleted videos at the bottom of this page:

Here are my Independence Day musings, which are actually good for every day of the year: Why American is an exceptional nation. From a dark world ruled by Czars and Kings and emporers came enlightened men who knew that our rights come from our Creator, not from government, and who decided that We the People should decide how we are governed and who we are governed by.

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My dangerous, truthful, videos that Fascist Youtube deleted: